Company Overview


1.Core layer:Spiritual culture(enterprise spirit, corporate values, business philosophy)

2.In the middle:Institutional culture(regulatory framework, moral rule, employee code of conduct)

3.Surface:Material culture(employee code of conduct, enterprise product, business name and title)


Based On Service

To the quality of survival, to science and technology for development

Quality First

Customer first, considerate service; Quality first, leading technology

Openness Basing On Sincerity

Enterprise development, service oriented; Teamwork, realistic and pragmatic


1. Development is suitable for survival, vanity to win the world

2. Innovation leads fashion, and scientific and technological achievements are brilliant

3. Technology produces quality products, quality creates brand

Sense Of Social Responsibility

Ningbo Yuteng Packaging Products Co., Ltd. also took the initiative to standardize labor management, to further improve the level of staff salary.The company also created the original "14" service management employee method, providing employees with business skills training, interest-free housing, car loans and other services;The establishment of "filial piety fund" and staff dormitory return visit system, for the staff from foreign places to provide strong care."The enterprise principal responsibility system provides a sample of the 'service list' that we can refer to. We can provide our employees with more efficient services according to the list, so that they can work with more peace of mind."The company said the person in charge.

Why choose our ningbo yuteng packing products co., ltd?

1. Research and development ability: Our research and development division is composed of experienced technicians and designers, they design products that not only simply meet your requirements - appearance, load bearing, cost, etc., but also conform to the actual production.

2. Capacity of equipment: Roland 900 five-color press、Roland 700 six-color press、Automatic screen printing machine、Automatic paper mounting machine、Automatic box folding machine、Automatic box pasting machine

3. Process and operations: we have a set of strict process control procedures from the beginning of the proofing to the delivery.

Sample-making and confirmation-making delivery plan-introducing quality control system into the production process-quality control department gets involved in quality inspection-business department tracks the production progress at any time and reports to customers in time-self inspection and packaging after the production is finished-acceptance of third-party inspection from customers-agreed shipment